Mavericks make medicine marvellous!
Posted on 12 January 2017

On Tuesday 10 January 2017 our students had a unique opportunity to attend an interactive workshop from the fantastic team at Medical Mavericks. Medical Mavericks are a company that look to inspire the next generation to aspire to work in the health service. Students were given information on the array of medical and healthcare career paths and encouraged to find out more. 

The workshops were hands on with students learning how to use a range of medical equipment. They learnt how to take the basic statistics including heart rate and blood pressure, as well as more advanced techniques. They used ultrasound imaging to look at their muscles and bones, took photographs of the inside of their eye with an ophthalmoscope attached to an iPhone and tried their hand at key hole surgery using a training device used by real surgeons.

The students thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and the enthusiasm of the Medical Mavericks team highlighted the opportunities available to them after college. Our students said:

“It was brilliant and so helpful. It actually let me practice on the equipment that would be used in medicine.”

“I found out that the careers in medicine are not just limited to a doctor or nurse, but that there are many more jobs that are just as important and are worth considering.”

The workshops were led by Tom Warrender, Medical Mavericks Founder who said "I had a fab time and thought the students were brilliant. There were loads of great questions asked and discovered some budding medics!"

Thank you to the Community Matters Partnership Project who provided a grant from the Youth Aspiration Fund which enabled the students to participate in this valuable activity free of charge.