It all adds up for our maths students
Posted on 20 January 2017

Towards the end of last term, 572 maths students took part in the Senior Maths Challenge, a national competition which involves solving as many maths problems as possible in 90 minutes. The top 60% of students nationally receive a gold, silver or bronze certificate. Our students did brilliantly with 34 receiving gold, 74 obtaining silver and 186 being awarded bronze!

This year, 82,000 students from across the UK took part with 4,600 going through to next round, the Senior Maths Kangaroo competition. An amazing 22 of our students qualified for this. They were:

A2 students: Sarah Chapman, Robert Penman, Jack Tyler, Samuel Haslam, Benedict Fellows, Emma Warren, Leo Chapman, Oliver Hyland, Aaron Simpson, Tabitha Goulty, Samuel Guy, Megan Benson, Thomas Hammond, Amul Gurung and Alex Walker.

AS students: Molly Fryatt, Sarvar Rzayev, Ffion Thomas, Gemma McDonald, Gemma Clark, Max Paisley and Harry Dewing.

The top 1,000 scorers in the Senior Maths Challenge were then invited to take part in the even more challenging British Mathematical Olympiad, of which, six of our students participated. These were A2 students Chloe Thickett and Thomas Edwards and AS students Ajanth Sutharsan, Lucas Downes, Jonathan Carlisle and Robert Nesfield.

Four students, Chloe Thickett, Megan Benson, Gemma Clark and Lucy Morley also participated in the Mathematical Olympiad for Girl’s competition, which aims to encourage and inspire as many girls as possible to get involved in advanced mathematical problem solving. Three finished in the top 25% overall.  A further accolade went to Chloe Thickett who received a prize for finishing in the top 32 in the UK – well done to all!