Current Students

College Closure Update

Please click here to read a communication that was emailed to all students and parents/guardians regarding an update on the College closure. 


Teaching Update

Please click on the links to read information that was emailed to Year 12 and One Year students and their parents/guardians regarding teaching.

Please click on the links to read information that was emailed to Year 13 students and their parents/guardians regarding teaching. 


Progression into Year 13

Please click here to read an update that was sent to Year 12 students and their parents/guardians regarding plans for reopening the College to Year 12 students.

Please click here to read a communication that was emailed to Year 12 students and their parents/guardians regarding progression into Year 13. 


A Level Qualification Grading

You can read a communication that was sent to students and their parents/guardians regarding the grade awarding process here


Vocational Qualification Grading

Please click here to view a communication that was sent to students and their parent/guardians about vocational qualification grading. 


UCAS/Higher Education (for second year students)

Please be assured, despite anything you might read or see in the media, there is no need to make any knee-jerk decisions on your university choices.  Nothing has changed in terms of our existing advice - which has always been to wait until you have all of your mock results as a yard-stick of your progress.  Until grades are finalised and any potential changes in approach from the universities has been settled upon, you would be sensible to hold-fire on making your choices - unless you are already fairly sure about your firm choice university and your mock grades/final submissions indicate you are on track to achieve the offer grades/points required.

If you have any queries about your decision making, you should direct them to your Tutor via email.  The decision making deadlines set by UCAS should be adhered to unless you are notified of any change (this is clear in your UCAS Track area).

Finally, your Student Finance application is one thing we would strongly advise you to complete as soon as possible (it takes time to process and they may be short-staffed over the coming months).  You do not need to have made your final choice to make this application - just put in your best guess university choice for now and then update it on your finance application when you confirm your choices on UCAS Track.

If you were thinking of applying for an apprenticeship or employment we will try and help you when the national situation allows.


Tutorial and Careers (for first year parents)

Please click here to read an update that was sent to first year parents regarding the College's Tutorial programme and careers support. 

Please click here to read a 'Parents' Pack' provided by Amazing Apprenticeships, which contains the latest apprenticeship information and advice for parents, supported by the National Apprenticeship Service.



Please click here for a communication that was sent to students and parents/guardians regarding the Paris and Poland trips. 



If you have books or DVDs on loan from the Library, don't worry!  We're happy for you to make use of these while the College is closed.  Overdue items will be ignored until the College is open again, so please just keep a hold of them until then.


Train and bus passes

Please note that refunds for car park permits and train passes will be processed once the College reopens.  Anyone who purchased a bus pass online via Stagecoach and wants to apply for a refund should contact Stagecoach directly.  See their website,, for more details. 

Bursary student bus and train passes will be issued as normal when the College reopens.  Please keep the train ticket you buy to get to College on the first day back and it will be refunded. 


Work Experience

Most students have already been informed by work experience providers that these arrangements have been cancelled.  If you have not had any contact with your WE provider, please let them know that you have been advised to cancel, but when normal business resumes, you will be in touch again to rearrange. 

In the meantime, please take a look at the Future Learn website which offers a range of interesting free courses which we are happy to accept, in part, as your MEE (meaningful employer engagement).


Updated Wednesday 27 May 2020 at 4:05pm