An insight into the music industry
Posted on 01 February 2017

Recently, students attend a Music Industry Insight event at the West End Centre in Aldershot where they met a range of industry professionals. Providing knowledge and experience were guests from companies such as X-Ray Touring, Cato Music, Rough Trade Records and Trust Management.

The event was split into three sessions all of which enabled students to find out more about the different careers in the music industry. With professionals from nearly every avenue in the music world, students extended their own knowledge through a series of question and answer sessions. Networking time at the end allowed students be inspired to kick-start their careers in the music industry.

With the competition in the music industry getting hotter each year, events like this provide our students with a real taste of what it’s like and couldn’t have been done without the support of The West End Centre, Aldershot.

Students commented:

“I learned a lot more about the different job roles involved in the industry.”

“I had no idea agents get paid so much!”

Let’s face it…it’s not every day that you meet the tour manager of Muse or get to hear Tim Hughes’ flashback to having a cup of tea alongside Dave Grohl!