Numeracy Week
Posted on 13 February 2017

Building on last year’s successful launch, Numeracy Week returned with even more departments celebrating and promoting numeracy. Many subject areas set their students special tasks which prompted students to discuss and practice their existing skills in context.

In functional skills English, students had written tasks with financial elements - James Green from the University of Surrey came in to do a seminar for those taking the IELTS exam.  Sociology were using data to answer a provocative question, whilst in biology they were learning about statistical tests and genetic equations. History students were discussing the limitations in using statistical evidence for their arguments.

PE and BTEC sport students completed a 90 minute cycle challenge. Each class had to devise their own tactics to ensure they covered the biggest distance, with everyone cycling at least 100m and no one person being on the bike for more than 15 minutes.

In photography they had to manage file size, resolution and template measurements, health & social care students took quizzes on statistical data related to the NHS and in Spanish and German they used data and statistics to look at issues like poverty and pollution around the globe. There were also competitions and numeracy based games hosted by subject reps from maths, film and media.

The week centred around the National Numeracy Challenge with all students encouraged to take part in the online check-up. 1,563 students completed it – part of the 93,000 people across the UK! Representatives from the charity behind the challenge met with staff and students to discuss the accessibility and effectiveness of the challenge.

Numeracy Coordinator, Mark Eccleston said “It’s wonderful to hear how staff and students are embracing Numeracy Week and see examples of numeracy highlighted in such a positive way.”