The road to Oxbridge
Posted on 03 March 2017

Students celebrate Oxbridge success

Each year we report on the number of students from the College who have been offered places at Oxbridge.  We are very proud this year of the 26 students who have received offers equally shared between Oxford and Cambridge with 13 offers apiece. This figure represents more than 25% of applicants making successful applications which, given the competition for places, is a wonderful achievement and higher than the national average.

Students will be going on to study a variety of degrees from fine art to computer science and economics to English literature.

Principal, Simon Jarvis commented “We are delighted once again with the superb success of students who applied to go to Oxbridge.  Competition for places at these prestigious universities is fierce.  To achieve a success rate of over 25% is phenomenal and a testament to both the talented students and quality of teaching and guidance here at Farnborough.”

Anastasia Cliff who has been offered a place to study psychology at Oxford said “College has been brilliant in supporting me in my application to Oxford, providing advice and support through the challenging admissions process.

Of particular help was the Critical Thinking talk which helped equip me for the test and the mock interview with the Head of Psychology which meant I was able to enter my interview with as much confidence as possible under the circumstances”.

The following students have been offered places at Oxford University:

Anastasia Cliff to study Psychology (Home schooled)

Benedict Fellows to study Mathematics (formerly of Weydon School)

Samuel Haslam to study mathematics (formerly of Tomlinscote School)

Elizabeth Horton to study Law (formerly of Calthorpe Park School)

Katherine Humphrey to study English Literature (formerly of Hawley Place School)

Lucy Hurford to study Biology (formerly of Sandhurst School)

Michelle Li to study Languages (formerly of Tomlinscote School)

Harry Orrin to study Biochemistry (formerly of The Winston Churchill School)

Robert Penman to study Physics (formerly of The Winston Churchill School)

Andrew Roszkowski to study Law (formerly of Weydon School)

Chloe Thickett to study Mathematics (formerly of Farnham Heath End School)

Danielle Watts to study Law (formerly of Weydon School)

Alexander Wharrad to study Chemistry (formerly of Tomlinscote School).


The following students have received offers of places at Cambridge University:

Isabel Aughterson to study Law (formerly of Woking High School)
Zoe Belcher to study Linguistics (formerly of The Emmbrook School)
Sarah Chapman to study Chemical Engineering (formerly of Wellington College)
Thomas Hammond to study Medicinal and Biological Chemistry (formerly of The Winston Churchill School)
Joseph Hansell to study Physics (formerly of Tomlinscote School)
Emily Hillan to study Natural Sciences (formerly of Amery Hill School)
Rupert Irving to study Biology (formerly of The Wavell School)
Alexander Ivey to study Modern Foreign Languages (formerly of Calthorpe Park School)
Edward Jones to study Computer Science (formerly of Weydon School)
Amber Li to study History of Art (formerly of Tomlinscote School)
Katie O’Mara to study Mathematics and Economics (formerly of Farnham Heath End School)
Kristin Rooney to study Modern Foreign Languages (formerly of Sir William Perkins’s School)
Isabel Smith to study English Literature (formerly of Collingwood College)