Students showcase interactive workshops
Posted on 04 April 2017

Students Thomas Chapple, Bethan Swinton, Ellie Keon and Isabella Manzi-Brassett

Recently second year BTEC performing arts students took their original and interactive workshops out on tour to local schools as part of the Theatre in Education unit of their course. They performed at North Farnborough Infants, Fernhill and Hawley Place Schools. 

In groups students were tasked with creating an original devised piece for a specific year group. They formed their own theatre company and allocated production, administration and performance roles. Students explored a range of social and moral issues, for example challenging gender stereotypes and the negative impact on personal identity that obsessive use of social media can cause.  

Emily Southwell, Curriculum Manager of BTEC performing arts praised the student’s commitment, professionalism and imagination throughout the process. "The collaboration seen in this unit has been very impressive. The transferable skills the students have developed and community links they have forged have been invaluable, to see our students being such good role models and sources of knowledge to their peers was a privilege."

Rosa Bailey, second year student commented, "It was interesting to produce a piece of theatre for a specific age group outside of College. I enjoyed gaining their insight into our piece and also being able to be a positive role model."

Fellow student Lauren Modrekelidze added, "We felt privileged that we could devise a piece that was both entertaining and educational." 

Matt Sheppard, Senior Curriculum Manager of drama and theatre studies attended the performances and commented, "The performances were an all-round magnificent effort. The conception of these pieces were spot on and it had all the essential features of successful theatre in education. They had clear and age appropriate messages, language that is part of the children's worlds, recognisable storylines with relatable character dilemmas and most of all energy, fun and an open and welcoming performance style."