Behind Bars Conference 2017
Posted on 24 May 2017

Students experience different prison uniforms

If you had the chance to come face to face with a murderer, what would you want to ask them? Our first year psychology students had that very opportunity when they recently attended the Behind Bars Conference in Fleet. They heard from ex-convicts, who told them about their experience of prison life. Students asked them questions about it and how it affected their futures.

From their knowledge of criminal psychology, students were able to ask themselves whether their research matched the real life experiences of the speakers at the conference. As they left, silent in their own thoughts, they processed this invaluable and unique experience, one which will no doubt change the way they view criminals, law and imprisonment.

One student expressed, “the conference was inspiring, it reminded me not to judge a book by its cover.” Another said, “it was a great opportunity to understand the minds of criminals and it was really interesting to see the different perspectives of crime.” Anna Alcalde-Mills, Subject Tutor for psychology said, “It has been a great opportunity for our students to broaden their knowledge of criminal psychology and the criminal justice system."