Annual Murder Mystery Day
Posted on 07 July 2017

Year 10 pupils from Alderwood School, Calthorpe Park School, Court Moor School, Farnham Heath End School, Fernhill School, Frogmore Community College and The Wavell School visited the College on Wednesday 5 July to take part in our annual Murder Mystery Day.

Working in cross school teams, the task was to investigate the ‘crime’ and using questioning techniques, psychological profiling and the mathematics of probability to formulate a case.  The case then had to be prepared and presented in court to the jury and judges.

The judges were impressed by the high standard of all of the team’s presentations, but there had to be winner.  The winning team - Lailani Aitken (Alderwood School), Daisy Johnson (Farnham Heath End School), Robson Kerr (Frogmore Community College) and Olivia Turner (Court Moor School) - put forward the most compelling and clear case.

Staff and students from across the college contributed to the day including three suspects and a victim played by performing arts students - Poppy Ward, Darcy Burgess, Thea Wright and Finn Thornton.

Adrian Clayton, Senior Curriculum Manager Biology, who put the day together said. “This day is designed to stretch and challenge the pupils and gives them a wonderful opportunity to meet their peers from other schools as well as spend time here at the College. They have a taste of some subjects such as Law and Psychology which they do not study at school, but which they may be interested in for A level study. ”