Road Safety Week 2017
Posted on 27 November 2017

Our annual Road Safety Week took place in November which saw the College partnering with road safety professionals including Hampshire’s Police, Fire & Rescue and Road Safety teams as well as, Kwik Fit, Accelerate Driver Training and My First Car.

There were various activities during the week all designed to demonstrate to current and future young drivers the importance of road and vehicle safety and the possible consequences when things go wrong.

Kwik Fit checked around 240 vehicles’ tyre pressure and tread and Hampshire’s Road Safety Team used computer based simulators to raise awareness of reaction and braking distances.  Andre St Clair of My First Car shared insights on the importance of sourcing safe and reliable cars and carrying out vital safety checks. In a light-hearted activity with very serious message, Accelerate Driver Training oversaw students navigating go karts around a course while wearing beer goggles to better understand the effect of alcohol and drugs on driving ability.

Hampshire Road Safety and local Police services conducted an extraction demonstration to show the devastating effects of road accidents. Student, Pia Mitchell said, “It was a very eye opening experience. It’s made me realise how scary a car crash could be and made me want to be even safer on the road.”

PCSO Gordon Pengilley joined the event, he stated, “We have a fantastic relationship with the College and try to get involved as much as we can with events.  Road Safety Week obviously helps us relay a very important message to young drivers.”

Jenna Grant, Community Engagement Coordinator for the College said, “On behalf of the College and the hundreds of students who participated throughout the week, I would like to say thank you to all the organisations who supported us and helped promote road safety.”