Music students travel to Poland
Posted on 30 November 2017

Over a long weekend, eight music students travelled to Farnborough’s twin town Sulechów, in Poland, to take part in the 9th annual Chopin Music Festival.

As well as enjoying concerts, they took part in a recording session on a Steinway grand piano as well as a masterclass with composer and jazz pianist Jaroslaw Kostka. Students also performed to full audiences at Trzebiechow Palace and a school in Cigacice where well-known Chopin professor, Jan Popis, was bowled over by the students’ playing. Their talent was so well received, they featured on a news piece about the festival broadcast on Polish TV.

First year student Matthew Quilliam said, "It was amazing to perform in another country to a new audience and it was wonderful to see how much they enjoyed listening to us. I have so many happy memories to treasure from the trip.”

Ben Dowsett, Curriculum Manager for music commented, “It was an intense four days for the students, but as always they performed brilliantly and astounded the audiences. It was also a significant cultural experience thanks to the generous welcoming nature of our hosts. I am indebted to The Twining Association of Rushmoor for their support for the trip.”