Psychology Week 2017
Posted on 07 December 2017

Psychology Week returned for its second year, even bigger and better than the last!  Over 1000 students took part in talks and activities to broaden their knowledge of psychology.  

Throughout the week, 10 experts covered 11 different areas of study, ranging from recognition of emotions, gender differentiation and forensic and mental nursing.

Students were also encouraged to take part in research opportunities. Nine second year students conducted the research project they designed when they visited the Economic and Social Research Council Festival of Social Science last month. Read more about their visit to the festival here.

Special thanks goes to second year student Gabriela Mikulska who designed and created all the daily talk programmes and promotional posters and Andy Lee, also a second year student, who designed the 2017 Psychology Week logo.

The week was a fantastic opportunity for all students, those who study the subject as well as those that don’t, to discover a range of strands of psychology and how they impact our lives.