Students take centre stage at Euroscola
Posted on 06 April 2018

23 politics and language students recently joined over 500 of their peers from across the EU’s member states at the European Parliament in Strasbourg to become MEP’s for the day. This was part of the annual Euroscola event which allows students to learn about European integration by experiencing it for themselves.   

Students immersed themselves in every committee and debate, taking centre stage with real confidence. First year student Lydia McDermott’s opening speech given in German was passionate and persuasive, whilst fellow first year Anna Betteridge was elected as chair of the environment and renewable energy committee. Second year Karima Moustafa fielded many wide-ranging questions from the chamber on migration policy with real skill and intent.  

Subject tutor for politics, Adam Slade commented, “Our students were fully prepared and really got involved, securing pivotal roles during the day. Staff were highly impressed with students and the hard work they put in shined through. It was a fantastic event.”

Over the event, first year politics and film student Tim Marsh, was keen to find out what young people really think of the EU and Brexit. To find out what they thought, take a look at his short, engaging film.