Students experience Ghana
Posted on 03 July 2018

A team of 21 students made the trip to visit our partner school The Presbyterian Secondary Technical School (PSTS) in Aburi, Ghana this summer term.   

This fantastic partnership, which has been nurtured over many years, presented them with the chance to experience a different country, school and community.  They shared extraordinary experiences with the Ghanaian students, learning about their food, language and culture. 

Some of the highlights of the trip were hearing the whole school singing hymns as part of their church service, cooking lessons and waxing and dying t-shirts.  In addition students from both countries took part in a brilliant sports day, including musical chairs, lime (instead of egg!) and spoon race and a highly competitive football match.

Students were also fortunate enough to visit a primary school in a rural area where they enjoyed singing, drawing and dancing with the children. It enabled them to see the limited resources some educational institutions have to work with.

The itinerary included a visit to Shai Hills Nature Reserve and Boti Falls where the group were able to appreciate the wonderful natural landscapes which Ghana has to offer.

Natalie McGuinness, who manages the link between the schools on behalf of the College commented, “What a fantastic week! The partnership with PSTS is truly inspiring and each year our students do the College proud. They challenge themselves on a daily basis and embrace every moment. This trip encourages you to find out new things, not only about another culture, but also about yourself. We look forward to visiting again next year.”