Results Day 2018
Posted on 16 August 2018

College students are celebrating a 99.1% pass rate, as 2018 proves to be another year of outstanding A level results.

This cohort has maintained the extraordinary achievements gained by Farnborough students over the past decade.  Nationally, the A* to E pass rate is 97.6%

These results follow a period of far-reaching qualification reforms intended to increase the difficulty of the A level qualification and make it harder to achieve the highest grades. 

Principal, Simon Jarvis said, “This is yet another set of wonderful exam results.  People have come to expect this from Farnborough but we should not be complacent about these achievements, coming as they do on the back of the most significant reforms for a generation. 

Students have gained brilliant grades because of their talent, backed by dedication and hard graft. With the support and guidance of exceptional teachers, they have been inspired to achieve success across the curriculum – in the sciences, the arts and the humanities.

Our 99.1% pass rate - incredibly on a par with last year’s sector leading results -  spanning such a wide range of subjects, is particularly impressive because it has been achieved by one of the largest sixth form cohorts in the entire country.“

Almost a third of all A level grades were awarded at either A* or A, way above the national average, with almost 82.1% of A2 taught courses graded A* to C.

Six students distinguished themselves by receiving four A* grades:

Molly Fryatt, who will take up a place at Cambridge to read Computer Science;
Jarvis Chapman, moving on to read Physics at Oxford;
Gemma Clark, taking up a place at Cambridge to read Natural Sciences;
Sujal Gurung and Jeevan Dulku who will both read Medicine at Cambridge and
Michael Mortimer, who will study Mathematics and Philosophy at Oxford. 

Four students were awarded A* grades in three different A level subjects plus grade A in a fourth:
Kai Anson, intending to read Physics at Imperial;
Charles Godfrey, taking Physics at Warwick;
Lucy Morley, who will be reading Biological Sciences at Oxford and
Robert Nesfield, going on to study Mechatronics and Robotics at Leeds.    

Mr Jarvis commented, “These remarkable young people are superstars!  We are proud of their extraordinary accomplishments as indeed we are about all of our students receiving results this week.

A levels are tough – have no doubt that it is as hard to achieve these high pass grades as it has ever been.  Subjects have been made more difficult in the past few years during which we have responded to major changes to all subject specifications.  In spite of the turbulence, students and their teachers have focused on success.  I’m thrilled that this year’s cohort of able young people now have such exciting opportunities ahead of them.”