A night at the Opera
Posted on 24 September 2018

Once again, The Prospect Theatre played host to the highly anticipated Opera Project, a double bill of one act operas, featuring Schubert’s classical farce, ‘The Conspirators’, and Bernstein’s agonising, ‘Trouble in Tahiti’.  For two packed-out nights, audiences enjoyed moments of comedy, pathos and supreme musicianship that will live long in the memory.  A cast of 30 first and second year students amazed and inspired with the professionalism of their performances in a production full of variety, colour and contrast.

Speaking after the final performance, following a long standing ovation for the cast, Curriculum Manager Harry White said, “We have become used to awe-inspiring performances by students here at Farnborough, but tonight was truly extraordinary, even by the standards of this Music Department.  I was profoundly moved by the commitment, humour, depth and musicianship of all involved.  Every single student brought something unique and valuable to the project, and the standard at the end had to be seen to be believed.  The Opera Project is a truly unique opportunity for students from across the College community to engage in this art form with a professional pit orchestra.  It is something the College can be rightly proud of.”

Audience member and outgoing Principal, Simon Jarvis said, “What a treat!  ‘The Conspirators’ was effervescent, funny, disciplined, carrying off the wacky tale with great energy.  ‘Trouble in Tahiti’ was masterful- dark, disturbing, wholly enthralling, mature material performed with confident aplomb!  Wow!”

Director of Faculty, Matt Sheppard concurred, saying, “The Music Department have excelled with the Opera Project. Having attended every concert, I can vouch for what amazing evenings they are. Huge congratulations to all those involved.”