It’s back to business as usual
Posted on 27 September 2018

Our vocational business students commenced their studies with a little help from key employers and innovators from the local community.  Six different business guests spoke to over 500 students, with each one giving unique information and experience in presentations tailored to support the coursework.

We had our first ever sole trader, Joanne Hodgson from Blue Bear Bakery, explaining her decision to not become a private limited company.  Francisca Burtenshaw, PRA Healthcare, described the reasoning for their rigorous recruitment process and incentives offered to staff and Vanessa Mulholland from Red Mist Leisure took students through their methods of motivation and managing employee performance.

Jason Sinclair from Farnborough International Ltd, Dominic Osborne from The Aviator Hotel and Brandon O’Reilly from TAG Farnborough Airport presented their different business models and the significance of the airport to the community, economy and beyond.

We are hugely grateful for the time and enthusiasm of each guest speaker - the ability to build all the coursework assignments around local organisations gives our students a unique and real world view of how a business really works.