Freshers’ Week 2018
Posted on 01 October 2018

Once again, our fantastic Student Association organised a hugely successful Freshers’ Week to show our new first year students what it is like to be a student at Farnborough.  Each day was themed and brimming with activities - there was songs from the musicals (and a photobooth!) on Performing Arts Day, eSports gaming tournaments on Sports Day and a petting zoo on World Day!  With live music performances every lunchtime, henna and hair braiding, candyfloss and even snail racing, there really was something for everyone.

Chloe Williams, President of the Student Association commented, “Freshers’ Week sets off the academic year with a buzzing vibe and gives the student body a taste of the huge variety of events that the SA organises.  It also reminds us of the College community we share and that life is fantastic here at Farnborough!”

Freshers’ Fair took place on the Thursday of Freshers’ Week, with over 35 businesses, charities and health organisations visiting the College to showcase the opportunities our students can get involved in.  Among the exhibitors were Accelerate Driving, who were promoting driver safety, NHS Talk Plus encouraging mental health awareness, Go Ape and the National Citizen Service. The College clubs, societies and enrichment groups were also present providing new and existing students with an array of activities to sign up to.

Nicky Norton, Creative Learning Manager at Stopgap Dance Company said, “It was a great event and we made some really useful connections with the students and the other exhibitors.  We would definitely love to come back next year!”

Feedback from the first year students included:

“It was a good opportunity to meet other people and get to know the College community.”

Everything seemed well planned and was inviting for first years.  Thank you for taking the time and effort to do this event.”

“It made the first two weeks of college more enjoyable and easier for first years to adapt to all the changes.  Thank you.”

Alice Fisher, Volunteering, Enrichment and Events Coordinator, said, “Over 1700 students attended Freshers’ Fair and it was brilliant to experience their excitement and enthusiasm when talking to the exhibitors.  It is a wonderful opportunity for new and current students to explore their options outside of the classroom; make friends, gain experiences and help to develop their community.”