Music Scholars’ perform
Posted on 17 October 2018

On Thursday 11 October 2018, the historic St Peter’s Church, Farnborough welcomed the College’s talented music scholars for their first public recital of the year.  The Church, which dates back to the 1200s, has proved the ideal venue for this annual event, with its intimate beauty and mellifluous acoustics.  Despite being the inaugural concert for our first year scholars, there were no signs of nerves as all the students reached astonishing levels of performance.

As second year scholar, Dominic Hall explains, “This year’s first scholars’ concert was of an incredible standard.  The variety of pieces and performances was completely inspiring.”  Works ranged from J. S Bach to Kosma, via Elgar, Chopin, Donizetti and Debussy, amongst others.

An audience full of parents, staff and friends were moved by the level of maturity and assurance heard in the students’ readings of works on a number of different instruments.

Speaking after the concert, Director of Faculty Matt Sheppard said, “This has been a wonderful night of profoundly moving music-making.  We at the College are so very proud of our music scholars, and nights such as these are a true privilege at which to be present.”

Curriculum Manager, Harry White, commented after the concert, “This was one of the highest standards of opening scholars’ concerts that I can recall.  An evening of eclectic repertoire, but united by remarkable levels of maturity and musicality.  If this is what the music scholars can produce after only a few weeks of term, then we have an astounding year of music-making ahead’.