Later with Jools
Posted on 23 November 2018

A packed Prospect Theatre was recently treated to a ‘Later with Jools’ style concert which included an eclectic and vibrant mix of musical acts who performed with real commitment and musicianship.  

Curriculum Manager for music performance Harry White set out for this to be a different kind of experience, with an emphasis on informality, mixing together music of different styles as they do on the famous show.  Works ranged from traditional Irish Folk tunes to Dolly Parton, via Thelonius Monk, Lennon and McCartney, Beethoven and Bach.  First year student Oliver Hagen, who accompanied himself singing commented, “It was a great evening. The talent amongst my fellow students is unbelievable and it's great to all be making and listening to music together”.

The evening was hosted by second year music student Matthew Quilliam, who also performed in his eponymous band.  He observed, ‘What I really liked about hosting this event was that it was more of an informal exhibition of musical acts, giving more contemporary groups and soloists a chance to perform.  The variety was what made the show, and it is events like these that give students the opportunity to preform and gain confidence to pursue their musical ambitions, especially those bands and acts who were making their debut appearances.  It gave me great pleasure introducing the fantastic acts to our very appreciative audience.  We definitely need to run more of these events!"

First year student Matt Lloyd-Mostyn, was thrilled to have the opportunity to perform his own compositions saying, “I thought the concert was brilliant! All the musicians were amazing and for me it was a great opportunity for people to hear me perform original songs I have written.”

Ben Dowsett, Curriculum Manager for music commented, “The evening was a really good illustration of the huge variety of talent and music-making that goes on at College.  It was a fantastic evening!

Parents, staff and friends were impressed with the level of maturity and assurance heard in the students’ performances on a number of different instruments.  Of the whole evening, Matt Prudente-Poulton, Curriculum Manager for music performance and music technology, observed, "Once again, we witnessed an incredible display of professionalism and talent from our music students.  With such a diverse range of music, so confidently delivered, the audience won’t forget that night in a hurry!"