Pitching to a Star Baker
Posted on 08 January 2019

The media and film department were recently treated to a visit from a celebrity!  Dan Beasley-Harling, who was an audience favourite in the 2018 Great British Bake Off, visited the College at the end of last term to watch the Cambridge Technical media diploma students pitch their ideas for a project aimed at enhancing his online presence.  After his success on the Channel 4 programme, Dan is keen to turn his baking hobby into a career and called on the students to help him in planning an online campaign to include his own YouTube channel.  The students, who are currently undertaking a unit on ‘Social Media and Globalisation,’ were given the brief in November and set to work using their vast knowledge and creative skills.

The students are no strangers to pitching to real clients, but this is the first time they’ve delivered their findings to someone in the public eye.  That said, they presented their projects in an incredibly professional manner, highlighting current concerns and suggesting practical strategies for Dan to implement.  They were a real credit to the department and were rewarded with a salted caramel layer cake made by Dan!

Curriculum Manager for the level 3 vocational media courses, Rachel Beasley, commented, “This was a fantastic opportunity for students to not only consolidate all they’ve learned in their current unit, but to showcase their amazing levels of creativity and innovation.  The students were so professional and gave Dan lots of interesting insights into the ‘digital world’, which is second nature to them, whilst providing him with ideas for his website, social media accounts and logo.  Some even had ideas for a cookery book he could write.”

Dan was hugely appreciative of the efforts made by the students, commenting, “These ideas are fantastic!  This is exactly what I need to get myself and my baking out there – thank you.”

These students are currently in their second year of study, with many seeking employment in the creative industries or wishing to further their studies with media related degrees.  To find out more about the vocational media courses we offer here at the College, visit our ‘Courses’ section here.