Reformation Day
Posted on 10 January 2019

Reformation Day is a day of activities for students centred around the study of the European Reformations, one of the main topics covered on our medieval and early modern history A level course.  The day was devised by Gavin Sheffield, Curriculum Manager for medieval and early modern history at the College, and Dr Claire Kennan, Director of the Citizens' Project Public History Programme at Royal Holloway University.  

Throughout the day, students covered four main aspects of the European Reformations, with specific focus on England and Germany.  Activities included source-based tasks, university style lectures on the legacy of the Reformation and a question and answer session on how to tackle exam questions.  The aim of the day was for the students to gain an appreciation for the Reformation, not only for the sake of their exams, but also for this period as one which had a significant impact on the world today.

The students really enjoyed the day and gave lots of positive feedback about their experience including:

“I found the day very useful - it was really beneficial to go back over the Reformation as a topic and see how the German and English Reformations compare to one another.”

I enjoyed the way that all the topics covered on the day were delivered through different styles of teaching, from lectures to interactive activities.”

“The lecturer from Royal Holloway was great and I loved the way the day was set out with all the different activities.”

We look forward to the next Reformation Day!