Psychology Week 2018
Posted on 24 January 2019

Psychology Week is an annual event here at the College that celebrates the study of psychology.  Whether you are studying the subject or not, the entire student body is encouraged to take part in masterclasses, research opportunities and lectures, all delivered by renowned experts, some of whom are former students.

Throughout the week, around 1,200 first and second year students heard from 18 experts from forensic psychiatric nurses, ex-detectives and Drs to PhD researchers, international speakers and undergraduate students.  Their talks covered 15 different areas of psychology including forensic psychology, motivation, anxiety and depression, risk taking, social groups and personality.

These experts came to us from a number of distinguished universities to which many of our students go on to study at; these included Royal Holloway University of London, University of Central Lancashire, University of Surrey, University of Reading, University of Sussex and University of Southampton.

Students also took part in various research projects conducted by the universities, covering topics such as knowledge and critical understanding of the world and curiosity.

This week is a fantastic opportunity for our students to see a different side of psychology and the impact this science has on our everyday lives.  We look forward to seeing what Psychology Week 2019 has in store!