Criminal Investigation Day
Posted on 18 November 2019

Criminology students recently visited the Guildford campus of the University of Law for a ‘Criminal Investigation Day’, which centered around the infamous OJ Simpson case. The students used their knowledge of policing, criminology and law to gather the facts of the case and decide whether they would convict OJ Simpson of murder.

During the visit, the students examined original evidence and transcripts from the case. They took part in various workshops, including an evidence workshop, where they considered how the evidence could be used by the prosecution and defence, and a ‘cross examination workshop’ which involved learning how to ask the right questions and devising questions to ask the various original witnesses in the OJ Simpson case.

The students also debated whether or not celebrities should be entitled to anonymity before a trial, and came up with some great responses, triggering discussions relating to other current high profile criminal cases within the UK.

 The trip was a great success and the University of Law staff noted how impressed they were with our student’s knowledge, enthusiasm and contributions.