Business Leadership Day
Posted on 03 December 2019

The business department recently hosted a leadership day at the College involving first year double award and level 2 business students. The purpose of the event was to test the student’s capacity to manage a leadership role, as well as develop their abilities to handle and resolve conflict. They would also better understand how to be an effective teammate in working towards an end goal.

The students took part in five different activities including ‘Pass Through the Hoop’, ‘Remove the Toxic Waste’ and ‘Blindfolded Tent Making’. Each task tested a different range of skills; some were mentally challenging, others were more physical.

We welcomed a variety of people to the College to assist with the day. These included an ex-secondary school lead; Mary Jenkins and an active member of the Fire Service; Jack White amongst others. We also had some current second year students in to support the sessions; Connor, Alessia, Eylul and Joe. Without the leaders, the day would not have run as smoothly as it did so thank you to those involved!

The day was full of laughter, confusion and at times, frustration. Activities like these allow students to access their coursework in a far more realistic way. These students understood what type of leader they are as well as the importance of supporting others to find their leadership techniques.