Trip to Sicily
Posted on 28 July 2020

In early February, 14 modern history students visited Sicily as part of the Italian Studies Extension Project. The project, which has been running for the last four years, gives our students the opportunity to truly experience Sicily’s unique culture. Sicilian students from the Giovan Battista Vico School in Ragusa visited the College as part of the project earlier in the year.

Our students stayed with host families and attended lectures on Italian history with academics from the University of Catania, and visited sites related to fascist Italy. Seeing the fascist slogans, architecture and propaganda that still exists in Ragusa enabled students to understand just how pervasive the fascist dictatorship was and how its legacy continues in Italy today.

Students also enjoyed an incredible ghost tour in Ragusa’s old town, visited the beach and were able to sample the city of Modica’s unique brand of chocolate. As always, the local cuisine was a big highlight of the trip!

It was an amazing trip that built on the already strong relationship between Farnborough and Ragusa’s students.

Chloe Crawford, second year student, commented, “The trip to Ragusa offered both a historical look at the Iasting links to the town’s fascist past, as well as a complete immersion in the Sicilian culture of today. The chance to stay with Italian families in Sicily was a unique opportunity to form friendships, despite the barriers of language and culture. It was fascinating to discover the preservation of fascist symbols within the town, especially when contrasted to Germany's strict approach to the removal of all symbols related to the ideologies that dominated both countries pre-WW2. Overall, the trip was historically informative and culturally rich, whilst allowing us to experience a new culture, new friends and a new way of life.”