Results Day 2020
Posted on 18 August 2020

Following an unprecedented year, our brilliant second year students received their A level and vocational qualification results.  Despite the College closure on the 20 March and the cancellation of summer exams due to the global pandemic, our students have achieved a fantastic pass rate at A level of 99.7%.

At Farnborough, an amazing 35.4% of all A level grades at Farnborough were awarded at A* to A.

Vocational results are equally impressive - students achieved an amazing pass rate of 99.8%, with 80.3% of students achieving high grades.  This year, 49 students gained three A*s at A level or three Distinction*s in their vocational studies - an astonishing achievement. 

This year, schools and colleges had to predict the grades students would have achieved in each subject if they had sat their exams.  These predictions were then submitted to the exam boards for checking and adjustment to ensure that results were consistent across all educational providers, as well being in line with results from previous years.  80% of our centre assessed grades were accepted by the exam boards, with 2% of them being adjusted to a higher grade and 18% being adjusted to a lower grade.  Despite an incredibly challenging year, our students have truly excelled!

We are also incredibly proud of the achievements of 37 students who studied at the College for three years.  They all started at Farnborough on a one year Level 2 programme, as they did not have the required GCSE grades for Level 3 study.  Having successfully passed their Level 2 courses, they then progressed onto studying Level 3 courses over two years.  These students have now achieved 85 qualifications between them including 18 single award qualifications at Distinction*, 22 double award qualifications at Distinction* Distinction* and one A*.

Principal, Catherine Cole, commented, “Despite all of the uncertainty over the past five months, our students have achieved amazing results which truly reflect their hard work and dedication.  I am so proud of each and every student for how they have handled this incredibly challenging situation.  It has not been easy for students, their parents or their teachers, but I think it is fair to say that we have all risen to the challenge in whatever way we have been able to.

What you don’t see behind the data is everything that our students have accomplished outside of the classroom and during the lockdown.  Numerous virtual music performances, as well as success in the Zonta Awards, SFCA Online Art Exhibition, Moving Image Awards and sports competitions are just some of the extra-curricular opportunities that have enabled our students to really excel as the unique individuals that they are.  During the lockdown, students have volunteered their time in hospitals and health centres, made PPE and taken on part time jobs, showing their continued commitment to the local community.

The majority of our students go on to university and this year is no exception.  We are pleased that we have been able to provide the foundation for them to continue on to higher education.  There is no doubt that this year will be challenging for those students going into apprenticeships or employment and we will be supporting them as best we can.  Whichever path they choose, I know that each of our students will go on to do great things.  

I am sure that the students would all recognise the hard work and dedication of their inspirational teachers and exceptional pastoral tutors, as well as all the support staff that make the College such a dynamic place in which to achieve success.  

Congratulations to all the students who have received their results and we wish them well for the future.”