How does your garden grow?
Posted on 14 May 2021

Our second year A level computer science students recently took part in a competition to mark the final lesson of their two year course. Students had to put all their skills into practice and use ‘p5.js’, an easy to use ‘JavaScript’ library for creative coding, to make a functional and fun web page. The theme for the webpages was 'gardens' and their creations were then judged by their classmates.


‘JavaScript’ is a scripting and programming language that allows you to implement complex features on web pages. Why not have a go yourself? For more information on ‘p5.js’, click here.


Students had only three hours to complete the task and be in with the chance to win themselves a plant pot full of chocolate! There were two prize categories: best creativity and best coding. For creativity, the students judged each other on the quality of graphics, artistic flair and originality of the idea. For coding, the students judged each other on the complexity of the work and whether or not it functioned without error.  


Congratulations to all our winners across the classes! Click on the links below to see just some of the entries: