Results Day 2021
Posted on 10 August 2021

Despite a second year of disrupted studies and exams not taking place in the usual way, students have received their A level and vocational qualification results. 

Results this year were generated using Teacher Assessed Grades (TAGs) following a rigorous process which has been ratified by the exam boards.

We are so proud of the resilience and focus which this wonderful cohort have shown - their hard work has resulted in a fantastic pass rate of 99.6% at A level.  Nationally, the A* to E pass rate is 99.5%.  A fabulous 40.9% of all A level grades were awarded at A* to A.  

Vocational results are equally impressive, with a 99.6% pass rate 87.8% of students achieved high grades.

127 students at Farnborough have gained either three A*s at A level or three Distinction*s in their vocational studies, a brilliant achievement!

We are also incredibly proud of the achievements of 23 students who studied at the College for three years.  They all started at Farnborough on a one year level 2 programme, as they did not have the required GCSE grades for level 3 study.  Having successfully passed their level 2 courses, they then progressed onto studying level 3 courses over two years.  These students have now achieved 51 level 3 qualifications between them, including 8 at Distinction* and 14 double awards at Distinction* Distinction*.

It has also been a fantastic year for those students re-sitting GCSEs in English and Maths at the College.  Our English pass rate was an amazing 97.2%, compared to the national figure of 44.2%.  Our Maths students also shone with an impressive 88.3% pass rate compared to a national figure for 16 to 19 year olds of 39.8%.

Principal, Catherine Cole, commented, “The past 18 months have been a really challenging time for students, so they should be truly proud of the results they received today.  These are not inflated grades, but the accurate judgement of the teachers who know the students best.  Teachers only gave grades that were supported by evidence, so students should be assured that they are an accurate reflection of their ability. 

Our students have coped with many challenges and personal difficulties during their time at college, some related to the pandemic and some not.  However, there is much truth in the proverb, "smooth seas do not make skilful sailors", and I believe that the experience of the past two years has equipped our students with the skills to meet the demands of a changing world with confidence and self-belief. 

I am sure that the students would all recognise the hard work and dedication of their inspirational teachers and exceptional pastoral tutors, as well as all the support staff that make the College such a dynamic place in which to achieve success.  

Congratulations to all the students who have received their results today.  Everyone at the College is proud of them and wishes them well."