We recommend that you read the information on this page, watch the department films and then visit the individual course pages, where you’ll find detailed information about each of the subjects we offer.  

If you’re thinking of studying a vocational course, make sure to visit our ‘Vocational Explained’ page to discover everything you need to know about these qualifications. 

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Here at the College, we offer both A level and vocational courses at level 3, which are equivalent to Key Stage 5.  A level and vocational courses are not mutually exclusive - they can be studied together.  For example, you may choose to study two A level courses and a vocational course, or two vocational courses and one A level.

All students have an individually tailored timetable so we can be flexible when agreeing your programme of study with you.  Click here for an example of a typical student timetable.

Your GCSE grades will give a good indication of which courses are right for you.  You will see on each of the course pages that subjects have different entry requirements, which are set to give you the best chance of success.  All students are required to have at least a grade 4 in GCSE English language and maths.

You should have a good overall GCSE profile.  By this we mean that the grades you achieve are more or less consistent across all the subjects you have taken at GCSE.  Your Personal Tutor will give you advice on your course choices at interview and again at enrolment once you know your GCSE results. 

This table will help you to start thinking about a suitable programme of study. 



Course Resources - You can find out what resources each subject area recommends by looking at the individual course pages.  Please note, we provide textbooks for use in lessons and copies are also available in the Library.  You may however wish to purchase your own copy for use at home.