LGBT+ history month at F6th
Posted on 06 March 2023

LRC Display

LGBT+ History Month is a key date in the College calendar. Held annually in the UK  it aims to raise awareness and combat prejudice against LGBT people around the world. 

This year’s theme is ‘Behind the Lens’, focusing on the contribution of LGBT+ people to screen and cinema. To mark the occasion we put on College wide events including educational displays in the LRC, which highlighted LGBT+ trail blazers in film and literature alongside books that have been adapted for the screen. The Film and Media departments hosted screenings of ‘The Danish Girl’ which students could attend over lunchtimes, and First and Second years were invited to complete a tutorial session on ‘ breaking down barriers to inclusive language’. 

The event wasn’t just confined to the classrooms either. First year student, Charlie Watkins wrote an article about two LGBT+ historical figures she admired, Oscar Wilde and Alan Turing, that concluded with a passionate plea for the protection of LGBT+ rights:

‘February is LGBT+ History Month. Times have changed dramatically compared to 150 years ago, but we must remember the people that died, fought, and protested for the rights we have now received. Oscar Wilde, Alan Turing and everyone else who died, or was imprisoned due to their sexuality will never know the future that has come.’

We found it a fitting way to raise awareness for a significant cause and are already brainstorming next year's activities.