House Of Lords Seminar
Posted on 06 March 2024

The House Of Lords is a key element on the course

The politics department recently welcomed a member of the House of Lords, the Earl of Lindsay, who gave the students a fascinating discussion on his experiences being an hereditary member of the House of Lords member since 1989. His talk also included why he feels the House of Lords is a key feature of our democracy and what he thinks the future of the House of Lord will be.
Answering a range of well thought out student questions, Lord Lindsay also discussed who his favourite Prime Minister was (John Major) and who he felt was the most consequential Prime Minister during his time in the Lords (Margaret Thatcher).
Zander Sampson, First Year Student thought "the event was really interesting and engaging, he made points I did not know about the Lords and made his argument for the continuation of the Lords in a very effective way". 
The study of the House of Lords is a key part of the politics A-Level course. This event provided an opportunity for the students to directly engage with a member of the Lords and discuss relevant issues. It was a highly enriching and unique academic experience.
Stephen Ellis, politics Subject Tutor reflected on the event "the quality of the student questions for the event was excellent, with the students drawing on their study of Politics to ask really targeted and interesting questions, with students asking a wide array of questions - from the implications of the West Lothian Question to the future of the House of Lords. The event very well complimented the content we are covering in class and spurred some interesting discussions afterwards."
At the end of his talk, Lord Lindsay encouraged our politics students to consider a career in public service, stating that dedicated and enthusiastic new voices were needed.