The College recognises its obligations under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and wishes to make publicly available College policies, College records and other information.

The policies, records and other information available from the College are based on the model publication scheme agreed between the Association of Colleges and the Information Controller at the Data Protection Agency.

The College would usually wish to issue information free of charge. Where information requested consists of hard copies of an available document, then no fee will be required.

However, fees will be requested where either:

  • A large number of copies of a single document are requested;
  • A large number of copies of separate documents are requested;
  • A request is made for information which has to be specifically extracted from the College systems and records.

In these instances, the information will be collated and dispatched as soon as possible. Fees will depend on the amount of time required by College staff but will be a minimum of £20 and a maximum of £50. Any fees required will be advised at the time the request is made and will be payable in advance.

You will find generally available information throughout this website, if you cannot find what you are looking for, please email us on admin@farnborough.ac.uk.

Please click on the links below to download copies of our policies.

Admissions Policy

Attendance Policy

Anti Bullying Policy

Child Protection Policy and Guidance

Children in Care Policy

Code of Conduct

College Charter

Drugs and Alcohol Policy

Equality and Diversity Report and Action Plan 

Exam Entries Policy

First Aid Policy

Freedom of Information - publication scheme

Fitness to Study Procedures

Health and Safety Policy

Literacy and Numeracy Statement

Safeguarding Policy and Guidance

SEND Policy

Supporting Students with Medical Conditions

Use of Technology Policy


The following policies are held by The Prospect Trust of which The Sixth Form College Farnborough is an academy, you can view them here:

  • Complaints
  • Data Protection
  • Early Careers Teachers 
  • Equality Statement (Information and Objectives)
  • Employee Privacy
  • Finance
  • Gifts and Hospitality
  • Health and Safety 
  • Safeguarding 
  • Safer Recruitment
  • Whistleblowing