British Biology Olympiad 2022
Posted on 22 April 2022

The College recently took part in the British Biology Olympiad and achieved great success.  The Olympiad is an advanced problem solving competition for A level students.  Students sit two 45 minute papers where they must solve challenging problems which go beyond the A level syllabus.  Over 10,000 students took part from more than 700 schools in the United Kingdom.  The top students nationally go on to represent the United Kingdom at the International Biology Olympiad.

Congratulations to first year students, Joe Davidson and Hannah Richardson, and second year student, Elliott Redman for winning Silver in the British Biology Olympiad.  This is an excellent achievement and puts these students in the top 15% nationally.  Eight Farnborough students achieved Bronze, which puts them in the top 25% nationally.  The College entered 29 students in total; 23 of these students were in the top 55% nationally overall – a fantastic achievement.  The competition is aimed at second year students who have completed most of the A level syllabus – however the majority of Farnborough entrants were first year students, so their achievements are all the more impressive.  This also means our first year students have another opportunity to do even better next year!

First year student, Joe Davidson said, “I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to experience difficult questions which challenged me beyond the curriculum.”

First year student, Hannah Richardson commented, “I enjoyed how the Biology Olympiad challenged me to think differently about biological concepts, and gave me the opportunity to explore areas outside of the A level curriculum.”

Simon Wood, Subject Tutor Biology and Chemistry, said, “The enthusiasm and results of our students have been brilliant; it’s great to be able to really stretch our strongest students and see them rise to the challenge.”

Many of our students will be entering the Intermediate Biology Olympiad in June, a similar competition aimed solely at first year students.  Good luck to the students who participate!