WSX Enterprise Visit
Posted on 17 May 2022

First year A level business students recently took part in the ‘SPEED-You-Up’ programme in collaboration with WSX Enterprise.  WSX Enterprise is a non-profit business support and employability company whose wide variety of programmes offer solutions to business needs.  ‘SPEED-You-Up’ is one of their startup programmes which helps young people improve their employability skills.  This is achieved by increasing their entrepreneurial ability, and by developing their self-respect and motivation.

A group of entrepreneurial-minded students volunteered to take part and attend sessions coordinated by Adriana Creer of WSX Enterprise.  The aim was to learn more about becoming an entrepreneur, and for the students to come up with a business idea themselves.  The programme involved a series of sessions, each focussing on a different aspect of running your own business; everything from establishing a business idea, to conducting market research, to putting together a proposal for funding.  

After six sessions with WSX Enterprise, a pitching and business pop up event was held.  The students all prepared a business idea, which included a plan and a presentation, and each student presented these to a panel of local business people.  The students then faced a Q&A session regarding their business ideas.  

It was difficult for the panel to choose a winner, however after much discussion, first year student, Khusbu Rai, was named as the winner for her 'Nepalese meat' proposal.  Congratulations to Khusbu, who was awarded a gift voucher and a goody bag! 

Well done to the three first year students who also took part; Kawtar Toubella, Marcella Jay and Sienna Keeble all received goody bags for their efforts!

Saffron Owen, Subject Tutor for Business, said, “This is the first year we have joined with WSX to run this programme and I am impressed with the innovative business ideas our students came up with!”