Culture Day
Posted on 06 June 2022

In early May, the College’s Student Association (SA) committee organised a lunchtime of cultural themed fundraising activities to celebrate the diversity of the College.  The money raised during the event was donated to the Disaster Emergency Committee (DEC) Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.  As part of the day, students were encouraged to wear their national dress, the colours of their flag, or blue and yellow, and they did not disappoint!  

The students gathered outside in the lunchtime sunshine to watch two fantastic dance performances, and purchase a snack from the ‘world food’ tuck shop.  In addition, one of the College’s eateries, alongside their usual fish and chip Friday option, prepared a special menu of Nepalese food; it was a complete sell-out!

Khia Robinson, the SA Enrichment Officer, said, “It was good to bring back the community feel to the College again; our hard work really did pay off.  Thank you to everyone who participated and helped out, especially the performers and the wonderful catering team who cooked the delicious Nepalese food!  It was also a great send off for the second years; hopefully it can become an annual event.”

Russell Hume, Personal Tutor and Adviser to the SA, commented, "After all the challenges and barriers with putting on events at the College over the last two years due to the pandemic, it was great to see so many students coming together to celebrate their cultural identities and differences.  I would like to congratulate the SA committee for their hard work towards making Culture Day a success."

Principal, Catherine Cole said, “Culture Day was amazing!  The sun was shining and the Quad was full of students, many of whom were wearing their cultural dress.  It was wonderful to watch the beautiful dancing performed by a number of students.  The crowd were supportive and the atmosphere was so warm and encouraging; it was great to witness such an inclusive event.”