Students celebrate Oxbridge success
Posted on 14 July 2022

Each year, we report on the number of students from the College who have been offered places at Oxbridge.  This year, 15 students have been celebrating receiving an offer of a place at either the University of Oxford or Cambridge; the two most prestigious, highest ranking and oldest universities in England.  We are hugely proud of our students, 10 of whom will be enrolling at Cambridge and 5 at Oxford in September 2022.  They will be going on to study a variety of degrees, from Law to Engineering, Mathematics and Languages.

Back in the summer term, before applications opened, the College held an interactive session for students who were interested in applying for Oxford or Cambridge.  Students had the opportunity to speak with former Farnborough students who are now studying at these universities - they spoke about their experience of the application process and answered questions on what life is like as a student at these world famous institutions.  They also had support in preparing for any Admissions tests.  After completing the application process, students attended a workshop to help them prepare for their interview.

The College has an enviable track record of student progression into prestigious universities.  In September 2021, 67.3% of our second year students went onto Higher Education, with 20.3% attending a Russell Group University, a group of 24 leading UK universities dedicated to outstanding teaching, learning and research.  These numbers are a tremendous reflection of the high quality of teaching and learning at the College.

The following students have been offered places at the University of Cambridge this year:

Antonella to study Modern and Medieval Languages;

Elizabeth to study Linguistics;

Euan to study Computer Science;

Finley to study Engineering;

Isabelle to study Mathematics;

Isla to study Natural Sciences;

Joshua to study Engineering;

Mark to study Mathematics;

Miles to study English;

Samuel to study Economics.

The following students have been offered places at the University of Oxford this year:

Dylan to study Mathematics;

Eleanor to study Medicine;

Elodie to study French and Arabic;

Freya to study History and French;

Nina to study Law.

Alison Woolley, Director of Higher Education Access at the College, commented, “We are delighted once again with the success of those students who applied to go to Oxford or Cambridge.  Competition at these universities is fierce so they should be extremely proud of what they have achieved.  We used our fantastic alumnus for support again this year - they were especially useful in subject areas that we don’t directly teach or have staff expertise in.  We are really grateful to them for giving up their time to help support our students.”

Congratulations to all of our students and we wish them the best of luck!