‘Dare To Dream’
Posted on 18 July 2022

For the first time in the history of the College, we hosted a visit from the President of The Law Society, I. Stephanie Boyce.  We felt very privileged to be asked as this is the equivalent, in music terms, of having Ed Sheeran come to see us all!

I. Stephanie Boyce is the 177th and first black female President of the Society; a particularly special achievement. Her talk was inspirational as she explained her journey from growing up in an impoverished area of London, to becoming the leading figure of a very traditional, highly respected organisation. The title of her talk was ‘Dare to Dream’ - the message to the students throughout was that determination and resilience will always get you through, even though it may take several attempts to reach your goal.  This was certainly the case for the President, who only attained this coveted position on the fourth time of applying! 

The President was as keen to answer questions as our students were to ask them!  A very lively Q&A session followed the talk; the President and other legal dignitaries were extremely complimentary about the insightful and thought provoking questions raised by our students, and the impeccable manner in which they had conducted themselves.

The talk was also attended by some local solicitors - our students seized the opportunity of networking with these professionals to find out more about embarking on a legal career.

Julie Nixon, Senior Curriculum Manager for Law, said, “It was an excellent meeting; a good time was had by all, and for our students, it was an amazing experience.  There are not many law students in the country who will be able to say they have met the President of The Law Society!”