SFCA Awards 2022
Posted on 03 October 2022

Congratulations to our Study Support department who received a 2022 SFCA Award for their exceptional work in the health and wellbeing category.

Our Study Support department consists of a dedicated team of experienced staff.  They are a college-wide department and pride themselves on being available to help any student in the College with essential study skills.  They work closely with students in both the first and second year studying a range of subjects.

The Study Support team have introduced a number of new initiatives over the last year and hope to continue bringing new innovations to staff and students this year. 

You can read more here about how they have changed the way they work to accommodate a growing number of SEND students and the wider College community.  Some of these changes include:

  • the ASC Lunch Club;
  • the Grade Riser Programme;
  • the Study Support Bulletin;
  • transitional social stories for ASC students;
  • specialist support provision for dyslexic and ADHD students;
  • introducing assistive technologies like Read and Write software.

Going forward, the team hope to be able to support staff with training videos and provide support strategies for teaching neurodiverse students.

Congratulations and well done to our Study Support team for their truly outstanding work.