Autumn Term Science Round Up
Posted on 24 November 2022

Celebrating STEM

Recently a number of our STEM students have ventured out of the College to compete in several national competitions, with impressive results across the board!

First on the agenda was the School’s Analyst Competition, backed by the Royal Society of Chemistry, it was highly popular amongst students. By the time the competition rolled around we had a total of 30 entrants making up 10 teams flying the Sixth Form College flag. Students had to identify ingredients for the perfect fish and chips and fun was had by all. Their hard work paid off as our three winning students obtained one of the highest scores in the South East.

We would like to congratulate the 64 students who took part in the 2022 British Biology and Chemistry Olympiads respectively. We walked away with a full house of awards spanning from Gold to commended.

We are extremely proud of everyone who put themselves forward to compete and look forward to celebrating the success these individuals have achieved as a department.