Psychology Trip 2022
Posted on 07 December 2022

Event poster

First-year Psychology students attended a talk by True Crime speaker and former Criminology lecturer, Jennifer Rees at The Anvil, Basingstoke. The talk covered topics such as identifying ‘risk factors’ of serial killers, types of serial killers, and why the general public are so intrigued by serial killers.

Our students found it very worthwhile hearing from Jennifer as an expert in the field. Students were interested (and shocked) to hear about the crimes of The Golden State Killer, Dorothea Puente and Pedro Filho as examples of power, gain and mission killers.

Amie Felton, Tutor of Psychology said “The students were very engaged in Jennifer’s talk. Students were making notes, participated in the serial killer quiz, and had great discussions about the content both in the interval and following the talk. I’m excited to see them take this insight and enthusiasm into their second year of the course where they will cover the Criminal Psychology topics.”

James Atkinson, first-year Psychology student said “Jennifer Rees gave insight into both the disturbing reality of serial killers as well as their tragically preventable background. Far better than true crime on Netflix, the talk was genuinely informative and interesting.”