A tour around the Freud Museum
Posted on 06 February 2023

The front of the museum

A group of Psychology students recently visited the Freud Museum in London. As Sigmund Freud’s last place of residence, the museum is full of interesting memorabilia from his life. The students were lucky enough to have the house to themselves so they could freely explore the exhibits of Freud’s work, the work of his daughter Anna (who was also a psychoanalyst), and artwork provided by his grandson Lucien. 

Our host, Stefan, then gave students a bespoke talk covering Freud’s theories, an introduction to dream analysis, and further insight into the case study of ‘Little Hans’. Stefan was especially welcoming of our students as in his view the OCR specification delivered at this College is particularly good at developing students’ critical thinking skills. 

The students thoroughly enjoyed the extra insights into the psychodynamic perspective that Stefan’s talk gave them. Maddie Pocock, Year 12 Psychology student said: “The museum was really interesting and the talk was very informative. It gave us a valuable insight of dream analysis and the power of our subconscious, especially as it was given from the point of view of a Freudian.”

Amie Felton, Psychology teacher commented: “The experience of visiting Freud's final residence was very valuable for our students. The talk from Stefan gave students further discussion points for their evaluation of Freud’s case study of little Hans within their A-level examinations.”