History trip to Ragusa, Sicily
Posted on 28 February 2023

The city of Ragusa

17 students and 2 teachers recently travelled to Ragusa, Sicily as part of the college's cultural exchange with our Sicilian sister school G.B. Vico.

This was the recommencement of the trip that had been suspended for 2 years due to Covid, so it was fantastic to get this successful project running again. The trip to Ragusa is the culmination of a 2 year project for the students, working with Royal Holloway University on the art/history exhibition. The trip involved visiting the fascist monuments and art work still left in Ragusa, attending lectures by leading historians from Royal Holloway University and the University of Catania and meeting and working with Sicilian students from our sister school. The students also spent an evening with the families of the Sicilian students experiencing true Italian family culture and cooking. 

The trip gave the students an excellent opportunity to develop their understanding of Italian and Sicilian history, whilst also learning about and enjoying the unique culture of Ragusa. Of course, this also meant savouring the amazing food from Sicily! Overall, it was a great experience and the students were superb representatives of the college.