Moving On Day 2023
Posted on 21 July 2023

One of our many exhibitors

On  Wednesday 5 July, The Sixth Form College Farnborough hosted its highly anticipated annual careers event, “Moving On Day”, which proved once again to be an outstanding success. Moving On Day aims to inspire and inform all first year students about the progression pathways available to them, empowering them to make well-informed choices for their futures.

A First Year student exclaimed “It was amazing! I finally decided what I want to do post college and feel very confident about my decision”.

With over 190 seminars and 136 exhibition stands, the event showcased a diverse range of opportunities across various industries. The seminars were delivered by university academics, apprenticeship providers and professionals from fields such as industry, business, law, aviation, and the arts, among others. The day also featured admissions staff and ambassadors from a wide range of universities delivering progression talks on topics such as applying to competitive courses, student life and student finance. These talks provided crucial advice, equipping students with the knowledge necessary to navigate the practical aspects of higher education.

An exhibitor and speaker at the event noted that it was “The best organised careers fair I have been to, and I have been to a lot!”

This year's Moving On Day  not only showcased the College's commitment to providing outstanding opportunities for its students, but also highlighted the importance of informed decision-making when it comes to career choices.

By bringing together a diverse array of experts, alumni, and universities, the event empowered students to explore the vast range of possibilities available to them, ensuring they are well prepared to embark on their chosen paths.