A New Wellbeing Corridor
Posted on 12 September 2023

Rachel, Catherine, Matt pictured left to right

We invited former student, Matt Danes into the College to show him his design which has been used as a mural to line our Wellbeing corridor. We interviewed him after to reflect on how his design took shape and his influences and get the latest updates on what he has done after leaving Farnborough 6th.


"I was a student at the College from 2020-2022 where I studied  media, IT and graphics. Recently I was approached by the Graphics department and asked to redesign the College Counselling Services branding to differentiate them as a separate College service and make the counselling suite a more inviting space. "


"The inspiration for my design came from Facebook's Alegria design created by Buck Design Agency which promotes an inclusive style through their use of a range of vibrant colours and bold shapes."


"When starting the design process I broadly looked at the elements of art deco design, and found an artist, who used a flat design style across his work. Off the back of this initial research I found Buck.I took inspiration from their design style focusing on inclusive character design in my drawings, I hoped this would help to show a vast representation within the college community."


"Because I had used a lot of the work from my second year project I already had a strong base so the whole process only took a couple of weeks to make amendments that suited  the Wellbeing Centres requests."


"Since leaving college I’ve travelled South East Asia for 3 months, visiting Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. I’m now looking to start as a junior designer in London with hopes to move into the product design sector specifically looking to move into the VR and AR space."


I was then invited into College where I saw my design as a mural lining the wellbeing corridor for the first time, and had my picture taken with Rachel Buck, Graphic Design Subject Tutor and Principal, Catherine Cole, whom the suite is now dedicated to.