Visit to BMW HQ
Posted on 02 April 2024

Everyone learnt about a range of interesting topics

Our business students recently attended an apprenticeship event at BMW HQ in Farnborough.

During the event students were provided with insight into the future strategy of the automotive industry and electric, and eventually, hydrogen powered cars before being educated about the different apprenticeship programs offered by the Global employer and recognised brand.

Our students participated in sustainability workshops and team building events which promoted the core values of BMW's brand before having time to network with current apprentices and learn more about the fantastic opportunities working for a global brand could bring.  

Harvey Howard, Second Year student reflected on the trip "It was a fantastic day where we learned alot about the company and what it could offer us as an alternative to going to university.  I personally have applied for an apprenticeship with them and it was a really useful opportunity to network with the Apprenticeships Manager Wayne and find out more about what he's looking for during the application and assessment day process."

Sarah Price, Subject Tutor Business said "It was a great opportunity to have been invited to this event given that working at BMW is an excellent local apprenticeship provider offering a wide variety of fields from Marketing, HR, Finance and automotive routes where you can work towards a university degree in a chosen field should you be lucky enough to secure an apprenticeship with them. The students enthusiasm and interest in the event was second to none and they were engaged by the variety of sessions and it was really good to hear from their current apprentices to learn more about how they study for their degree whilst working full time at BMW. Their passion and interest in what they were doing was really quite impressive."

Debbie Hill, Subject Tutor Business spoke about a future partnership with the brand "We plan to continue working with BMW and building on our relationship further to provide insight opportunities such as these for the future generations of students studying with us who are considering local career routes."