Mental Health Awareness Week 2024
Posted on 30 May 2024

This years theme was 'Movement: moving more for our mental health'

The College celebrated Mental Health Awareness Week this month, which is intended to raise awareness of, and break down stigma, around mental health. In keeping with the week, we had a range of activities for students and staff to enjoy, designed to encourage us all to think about and prioritise our own and others’ wellbeing. 

Research has shown that with their presence alone, dogs can reduce stress and anxiety and increase happiness and energy levels. In light of this, our new therapy dog, Barli, the Burmese Mountain dog paid the College a welcome visit, receiving lots of attention from students and staff alike.

Engaging in creative behaviours has been shown to improve brain function, mental health, and physical health, so on Wednesday there was a creative focus with an abstract expressive art class available to students set to a background of live music in the quad provided by our talented BTEC Performance students.

Miller’s Ark farm was back by popular demand on Thursday, bringing with them pigmy goats, pigs and miniature donkeys.

Friday saw the return of the wellbeing fair with representatives from a range of organisations and mental health charities including The Samaritans, The Charlie Waller Trust and CAMHS. To top off the event there was also pavement art, table tennis, a vinyl sale and lots more.

Students can find more information on how to support their own mental health on the college notice boards, in tutorial and on our website. Alternatively our Personal Tutors and Counselling team are on hand for any student who feels that they need extra support.