Farnborough Sixth Form College Hustings
Posted on 04 July 2024

Our student representatives and the Aldershot candidates

Students and staff at the College welcomed candidates vying for the Aldershot constituency in the General Election to a hustings. Students, many of whom are voting for the first time, had the opportunity to ask questions of the Labour, Liberal Democrat and Reform UK candidates. The Green candidate sent in his answers to the pre-selected questions and, unfortunately, the Conservative and Hampshire Independent Party candidates did not respond to their invitations.
Students asked the candidates wide-ranging questions, including how to resolve the backlog of driving tests, issues surrounding housing, and the settlement of asylum seekers in Farnborough. There were also questions on if 16-year-olds should have the right to vote and if the electoral system should be changed so something that is not first-past-the-post.
Robert Kwiatkowski,Second Year Politics Student thought, "For students and first time voters to be able to challenge the candidates, in person, is a clear reflection of our democracy at work.

It was a really insightful experience. The most interesting element was perhaps how all candidates were influenced by personal experiences and life stories. I found it surprising how many issues there was consensus on, despite such different roots behind the ideas.

It was also an invaluable opportunity for current A level students to see the words of a textbook in practice and, for former students like myself, a climactic way to end their college journey, reflecting the immense personal development the subject of politics has led to."
Sylvia Gurung, First Year Politics Student commented, "I thought the hustings helped us gain a clear understanding of what the candidates of the Aldershot constituency are proposing, ranging from their solutions for the Israel-Palestine conflict to their plans for improving local services. It was a fantastic opportunity to become more politically aware and active in our community."
Victoria Keitel, Curriculum Manager Politics, reflected "Having the candidates come in and speak was an excellent way to engage our youngest voters with our political system. Young people are the least likely to cast ballots, and hopefully this event convinces more students to get out the vote on 4 July."