The Great Debate 2023
Posted on 14 December 2023

Smiles all round at the prize giving!

Last month two of our history students were invited to the local heat for the ‘Great Debate’ competition, held at St John's School in Leatherhead. Farnborough College went up against many other schools in the rest of Surrey and Hampshire. Matt, first year student and Rozy, first year student delivered speeches about the people or places from their local area that they believe deserve greater recognition in history.

Matty's speech was on Mary Watts - Craftswoman and designer, and Rozy’s speech was on the Lady of the Isle - Isabel de Forz.

Both students did exceptionally well in giving their speeches and answering the questions from the panel of judges. Out of 11 students, Rozy achieved the second runner up place and Matty was also praised in the top 4 students.

Reflecting on her day at St John’s Rozy said "The Great Debate was a perfect opportunity to research and learn more about local heroes and places of interest, which allowed me to expand my knowledge of history outside the A-level curriculum. I spoke about Isabella de Fortibus, the wealthiest woman of the thirteenth century, which meant I could speak passionately about a period of history we are not currently studying. It allowed me to practice public speaking, building confidence and experience. It was a thoroughly enjoyable and skill-expanding experience!"

The judges were very complimentary of both students and they did themselves, the history department and the College proud.