A fabulous night at the PAPAs
Posted on 30 May 2018

The Prospect Awards in Performing Arts (PAPAs) were recently presented in the Prospect Theatre, an evening celebrating the achievements of the academic year within the performing arts and drama department. The glitz, glamour and glitterati were out in force, as the students dressed up for a sensational and uplifting evening, recognising this hugely talented and inspirational year group. 

14 awards were given during the evening, driven by a fantastic master of ceremonies, second year student Max Fulham. The moments and memories of an astronomical year were marked and the hugs and tears at the end of the evening were a testament to what a wonderful group staff had the pleasure of teaching over the past two years.

Student Bethany King commented, "I've had such an amazing time on the course and this evening has been a brilliant way to end our two years."  Darcy Burgess also remarked, "To be in a room of such amazing and talented people was awesome, it's like another family. Well done everyone!"

Matt Sheppard, Senior Curriculum Manager for Theatre and Drama said, "Never before has a PAPAs evening reached such amazing heights, the talents so raw, the commitment so complete and the passion for the subject so intense. This is one that will live long in the memory. Our best wishes to all outgoing second years, we will really miss you." 

The evening’s awards were presented to:

Most Progress Made - Melissa Gilbert

Outstanding Contribution - Josh Townsend

Flexi Crew Award - Ruby Brown

Enrichment Award - Evie Tocher

Outstanding Performance by an Individual (Drama) - Max Fulham

Outstanding Performance by an Individual (Performing Arts) - Sienna Hughes & Ella Montgomery

Company Achievement (Second Year Drama) - Liam Owers, Sam Harden, Toby Coult, Freya Kircher

Company Achievement (First Year Drama) - Chessie Galla-Taylor, Kayla Wilson, Josh Leppard, Jack Mallett, Emma Watson

Company Achievement (Performing Arts) - Darcy Burgess, Harriet Law, Immy May, Fran Collinson, Charlotte White, Rhianna Smith

Best Choreography - Luke Jordan, Madde Underdown, Izzy Stephenson, Keeley MacDonald

Best Scriptwriting - Abby Jackson, Ellia Johnson, Mel Jasper, Aaliyah Shelmerdine, Aimee Sampson, Hollie Lindon

Best LAMDA - Pia Mitchell and Liam Owers

King - Christopher Hill

Queen - Izzy Moral